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LaTeX Typesetting: A Dual-Language Document Demonstration

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A secondary goal of Dual-Language-Classic-Editions.com is to introduce publishing environments that support the dual-language reading environment. This document is offered (at no cost) to fulfill this purpose. We also showcase dual-language reading environments at the blog.

From Wikipedia: LaTeX attempts to follow the design philosophy of separating presentation from content, so that authors can focus on the content of what they are writing without attending simultaneously to its visual appearance. In preparing a LaTeX document, the author specifies the logical structure using simple, familiar concepts such as chapter, section, table, figure, etc., and lets the LaTeX system handle the formatting and layout of these structures. This similar to the mechanism by which many word processors allow styles to be defined globally for an entire document, or the use of Cascading Style Sheets in styling HTML documents.

LaTeX source code: A LaTeX compiler produces a document written by the author, perhaps assisted by an expert in LaTeX typesetting. This is called the "source code". The source code for the .pdf document of this product is also available for download with this product. The source code of a LaTeX document is collected into a .zip file. We encourage you to explore LaTeX..